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Nepali Balbangmaya Parichayakosh (Nepali Child Literature Introductory An¬thology) compiled by litterateur Pramod Pradhan, who has been engaged in child literature for a long period, has been published.

The Introductory Anthol¬ogy having 610 pages, published by Martin Chautari includes short descriptions of 1257 books published for children, 12 books on child literature written in Nepal language and 2 books in English language.

The Introductory Anthol¬ogy includes short description of 232 child poem and song collections, 337 child story collections, 64 child novels, 15 child drama, 64 child biog¬raphies, 15 child essay collec-tions, 178 child comic books, 1 child interview, 287 trans¬lated books, 87 miscellaneous books 1 dictionary and 1 encyclopedia.

The Anthology includes child literatures from short description of 'Gorkha Paihlo Kitab' written by Gangadhar Shastri Drabid and published in 1949 BS and to books publisbed in 2064 BS.

The Anthology included short descriptions of books including published dates, publishers, printers, first edi¬tion, number of pages, price, artists, designers of cover page and editors. It also include short description about books ¬and index of author.

The Anthology does no include textbooks for schools however some textbooks hav¬ing creative importance have been included in the book, An¬thologist Pradhan has stated in the book.

Litterateur Pradhan has al¬ready penned 'Nepali Bal Sahityako Itihas' (2057 BS). 'Kan Samat Kan' (2053 B5). Kanakana Kurr' (2062), Sadhaibhari Lukamari' (2062 BS), 'Mahuri and Gadeula' (2063 B5) and' Praditidhi Balkabita' (2064 BS).

The Rising Nepal, 3 August 2008, page 6

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