By the Way: Travels through Nepal's Conflict


Authors: Ajit Baral, Bela Malik, DR. Pant, Jagannath Adhikari, Purna Basnet and Usha Tititkshu
Price: Rs.200 | Pages: 122
Publisher: Martin Chautari
Phone: 01-4102027/4238050

By the Way is a collection of travel writings on Nepali Society amidst an armed conflict. The authors have traveled through and written about different ecological and social zones of that were, at one time or another, engulfed by armed violence. Though written from various perspectives, the writing share certain commonalities: each describes the reasons for the author’s journey, the places visited and the Maoist activities in the area

Read Vol.2 No. 2 Issue. 5 April-June 2009, Page 24

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