Give peace a chance

- Lokranjan Parajuli | 2023-08-28

The situation in Dharan is volatile at present. A simmering discontent over the naming of Koshi province is also behind it. In a situation like this, brute force does not work nor does logic alone. The majority community should show magnanimity, it should exercise restraint. The situation also calls for a wise use of social media. Rumor-mongering and posting materials related to disturbing incidents won’t help. 

Certain vested interests—both within the national borders and beyond—are trying to use this volatility to their advantage, including for political gains, by stoking religious sentiments.     

The major onus is on the Nepali state itself to dissipate the situation; mainstream political parties and communities should do their bit to restore normalcy. The parties should help in the state’s efforts to bring back normalcy by mobilizing their cadres. Appeals from the PM and other parties for calm are welcome. All sides should work together for peace.  

The author is an historic socialist associated with Martin Chautari

Published Aug. 28, 2023

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