Research Seminar Series

Chautari started a separate series of discussions related to current political affairs every Sunday at 3 PM from February 2003. The date and title of the discussions and the names of the people who led the discussions (Pundits) are listed in archives below. Since February 2005 to October 2005, regular Sunday discussion series has been converted to research series. However, after October 2005, Sunday series included discussions on both types of topics either research or current politics.

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Government-Maoist Talk and Political Parties

Krishna Prasad Sitaula
Discussion > Research Seminar Series On

Re-establishment of Parliament, All-Party government and Constituent Assembly

Lilamani Pokherel (Januaryamorcha, Nepal) and Yuvaraj Gyawali, CPN (UML)
Discussion > Research Seminar Series On

Agendas on Government-Maoist Peace Talk

Rajeshwor Devkota, Rastrabadi Morcha