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Tom’s Writing Tips

Tom’s Writing Tips

Tom Robertson, PhD

Overall Introduction: Why Writing Tips?
Among the most important skills that I have learned from my favorite professors in college and graduate school are good writing skills. I use these skills every day and teach them in every course I teach. Good writing skills – how to write clearly and convincingly – are different from good English language skills. They are taught in high schools, colleges, and universities around the world. Unfortunately, most Nepali schools emphasize English skills and grammar but don’t teach writing. When during Covid 19 lockdown some Nepali professional friends asked me to teach a writing workshop, I realized how few resources existed for Nepalis who wanted to improve their writing. So I created (i) the Mitho Lekhai video series on Youtube and (ii) the Writing Journeys essay series. Many junior and senior scholars and professionals have found these videos and essays interesting and helpful.

i) Mitho Lekhai Video Series (मीठो लेखाइ)
“Mitho Lekhai” is a collection of my favorite writing tips – and tips from my favorite professors – in videos on Youtube. The videos are in Nepali with English examples. I cover important topics from paragraphs to quotations. For each subject, there is a short version (10-20 min) and a long version (about 1 hour). 

Level: high school to grad school to professional.
•    Pro Presentations (Full Length)
•    Pro Presentations (Short) 
•    Easy Excellent Essays (Full Length) 
•    Easy Excellent Essays (Short) 
•    Paragraphs and the Paagal Professor (Full) 
•    Paragraphs (Short, 12 min) 
•    The Paagal Professor's Powerful Paragraphs (15 min)
•    Juicy Wild Dogs: What Makes This Short Article So Good? (Full Length)
•    Juicy Wild Dogs: What Makes This Short Article So Good? (Short)
•    Vigorous Verbs (Full, 58 min) 
•    Vigorous Verbs (Short Version) 
•    8 Favorite Sentences (28 min) 
•    Super Sentences (Full, 56 min) 
•    Super Sentences (Short, 24 min) 
•    Quality Quotations (30 min)
•    Terrific Transitions and Superduper Signposting 

मीठो लेखाइ भिडियोको बारेमा अन्तर्वार्ता

For an example of an essay showing Tom’s favorite tips in action, see Tom Robertson, "Writing Strategies in Action" The Record, January 5, 2022.

For more on the importance of writing in colleges and universities, see Thomas (Tom) Robertson, “The Right Stuff,” The Kathmandu Post, January 27, 2019.