Civil Society


Digital copies of public documents related to civil society in Nepal that are not easily available will be uploaded here. This is being done to facilitate academic research and public discussions and not to promote commercial use of them. The rights of the original copyright holders, if any, are acknowledged herein.


राष्ट्रिय निर्देशन ऐन, २०१८

संस्था दर्ता ऐन, २०३४  

संस्था दर्ता नियमावली, २०३४

समाज कल्याण ऐन, २०४९

समाज कल्याण नियमावली, २०४९ 

अध्ययन प्रतिवेदन

Private Agencies Collaborating Together . 1987. The Non-governmental Organisation Sector of Nepal. Unpublished report, USAID.

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Malla, B. C. and Santosh K Upadhyaya. 1988. Operational Relationship between Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Other Social Institutions : A Case Study of SCF (UK), SCF (USA), Redd Barna (Norway). Kathmandu: Centre for Economic Development and Adminstration. 

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