Patriarchy on the Move: Transnational Experiences of Gurkha Women

- Sanjay Sharma

Discussion Type: Research Seminar Series | Date: 17 Jul 2022 | Time: 03:00 PM


Research Seminar Series

Patriarchy on the Move: Transnational Experiences of Gurkha Women

Sanjay Sharma
PhD Candidate in Sociology, National University of Singapore

Date, Time and Venue:
Sunday, July 17, 2022 (साउन १, २०७९)
03:00 – 04:30 PM (NPT)
Martin Chautari Seminar Hall, Thapathali, Kathmandu

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About the Talk:
Sanjay's doctoral research examines women’s lived migration experiences under mobile patriarchy. Mobile patriarchy underscores the transnational mobility of patriarchy between the origin societies and the destinations mediating and governing women’s experiences and agency. More specifically, the research offers a gender analysis of the independent and attached transnational mobilities of Gurkha women – women of Nepali origin with historic and contemporary linkages with the exclusively male Gurkha soldiers who have been serving in the British Army for more than 200 years. Along with wives and family members, the definition of Gurkha women also accommodates professionals like nurses, midwives, teachers, radio presenters, clerical staff, and soldiers who have worked with the British Gurkhas.


- Sanjay Sharma

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