Kailash Rani Rai

Kailash Rai is a freelance researcher, editor, and mentor with a keen interest in gender, social justice, politics and social inclusion/exclusion, minorities’ rights, and sexuality. She has worked as a freelance researcher in various development organizations in different capacities. She is the author of Indigenous Women’s Institutions, Movement and Writings (2017; in Nepali). She has edited several books including In Search of Identity: Social, Cultural and the Political Context of Indigenous Women, 2016-2073 v.s. (2016; in Nepali), Struggle for Recognition: Experiential Stories of Indigenous Women (2022; bilingual), Experiences of the Grassroots: Narrative Stories of Intersex Persons (2022; in Nepali); and Elected Indigenous Women Representatives at the Federal, Provincial, and Local Levels 2079 (2023; in Nepali). She has also co-edited a book entitled Relay Race for Equality (2021; in Nepali). She has published dozens of research articles on gender, women, social justice, sexuality, and social inclusion in various journals and books. Her opinion pieces on multi-dimensional aspects of gender, feminism, and women of Nepal have been published in various newspapers, magazines and online as well. She worked at Martin Chautari as a research staff from 2002 to 2014. She holds an MA in Political Science from Tribhuvan University (2015).