Surendra Man Shakya

Surendra Man Shakya has done his bachelor's degree in English literature from Tribhuvan University (1978) and master's degree in Theravada Buddhism from Lumbini Buddhist University (2020). He has long experience of teaching in government schools and working as a consultant in various education related projects. He has also taken an international course on rural development management (ICRDM) from the Philippines (1985) and another international course on regenerative agriculture (ICRA) from the same country (1991). He has been associated with the Nepal Bhasa Manka Khala, Newa Dey Guthi, Aasha Safu Kuthi, Nepal Bhasa Academy as well as several Buddhist organizations. He has also worked as an editorial board member of Newari magazines and newspaper including Shilu and Newa Pau. He has authored works of literature in Newari and Nepali.