MC Affiliation Policy

Approved by 74th Ex-com Meeting on 17 September 2015

This document sets a procedure to grant MC affiliation to qualified scholars, researchers and students. The affiliation policy has been framed to encourage cross-fertilization of research ideas, promote and calibrate MC’s existing mentoring program and maintain quality of work undertaken during such affiliation as appropriate to affirm MC’s reputation as a leading research and policy institute in the region.

  1. The policy applies to all scholars, researchers, faculty and students of all nationality who are qualified to apply for MC affiliation and who may be granted such affiliation.
  2. Desiring candidate should submit a filled application form.
    2.1. The form should contain the usual information on the person's identification (name, photo, address, institution, supervisor/s contact etc.), and the output of her /his stay (data collection, book research, thesis/chapter/article writing etc.) (Annex 1)
     2.2. Specifically, the application should include (a) latest cv, (b) original research proposal, and (c) statement of purpose for Nepal stay - stating how MC affiliation will help her/him attain the
  3. MC may decide on the application based on its judgment on whether (a) the subject fall under MC's overarching research goals and MC faculties' interests; and (b) MC can control the quality of the output, and monitor her/his research activities during the period of affiliation.
  4. The applicant will be notified about MC's application within a stipulated time. MC will assign a mentor faculty for her/him who s/he will have appointment for her/his research needs.
  5. The assigned faculty will report to the MC chair on the affiliate's activities in the period once for a short term affiliation (< 6 months), every quarterly for a long term affiliation (≥ 6 months).
  6. The applicant will sign an affiliation contract with MC, whereby (a) s/he will report her work periodically to an assigned MC faculty, (b) s/he will present the work done during period of affiliation at least once (depending upon the length of the stay), (c) s/he will hand over a copy of her work to MC library when completed. The long term contract may be renewed every six months.
  7. The contract will have a provision for MC’s right to terminate the affiliation immediately in the cases the affiliate violates the stipulated terms, engages in activities not in accordance with the reputation and character of MC, or indulges in any activity that warrants such termination.
  8. The applicant will pay a specified, non-refundable institutional affiliation fees to be decided by MC in the beginning of every fiscal year. The fees for Nepali applicants may be discounted depending upon the applicants’ access to the source of funding. The costs of any research aids for the field, archival or translation/transcription support, for which the applicant will be charged separately.
  9. The terms of this policy may be revised in accordance to the general guidelines of this policy as required.
  10. Affiliation fees (per month):
    USD 300 (for foreigners)
    NRS 10,000-16,000 (for Nepalis)