Martin Chautari began in 1991 as a discussion group among academics and development professionals who held meetings every two weeks to share their experiences and insights in matters pertaining to the public interest. The discussions became more regular over time, and in 1995 began to be held weekly, under the name 'Mangalbaarey'.

Since then, the Mangalbaarey discussion series has hosted hundreds of speakers in the fields of academia, politics, activism, journalism, civil rights, development, and private sector initiatives, all speaking on subjects that they have in-depth knowledge about and experience in. Mangalbaarey's speakers do not just lecture the public; they face questions and at times intense scrutiny from the participants at the discussion, who include professionals in a variety of fields, as well as students and engaged citizens. The open, uncensored atmosphere at the discussion helps sharpen the focus of the topic at hand, and leaves speakers and participants alike with enhanced knowledge of matters of public interest.

Mangalbaarey is one of Martin Chautari's core activities, promoting Chautari's basic principle of inclusive, high-level public discourse. The discussion series is the longest of its kind operating in Kathmandu, contributing to the refinement of public discourse in Nepal. The date and title of the previous presentations since September 1995 and the names of the people who led the discussions (Pundits) are listed in archives below.